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Roger Couture

Roger Couture

Full Professor

School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences
L-337, R.D. Parker Building Sudbury Campus


Roger Couture, PhD, was raised in Elliot Lake, Ontario and completed an honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (1981), a certificate of Bilingualism and a Bachelor of Education at Laurentian University in 1982. Additional Base Qualification courses and an Ontario Teaching license were attained at the University of Ottawa. For 3.5 years, he taught Physical Education at École Georges Vanier in Elliot Lake and occasionally gave a base qualification course in Education to the Catholic School Board for Laurentian University. Dr. Couture then attended the University of Alberta where he received a Master of Arts degree in Sport and Health Psychology (1987) and also obtained an Alberta Teaching License. After beginning his doctoral studies in 1988, he taught full-time for a year and for four Spring and Summer sessions at the University of Alberta.  In 1990, Dr. Couture was hired by Laurentian University to teach courses in French. His doctoral studies were completed 1991. Progressively, French and English courses were taught. In 1998, he became the program Coordinator for the Outdoor Adventure Leadership program. For the next eight years, the program went through significant changes and became very popular for aspiring students. In January 2006, Dr. Couture became the Director for the School of Human Kinetics for three and a half years. Later in January 2010, he became the Dean for the Faculty of nine Professional Schools and has since held this position. In 2014, the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Health were created. Dr. Couture became the Interim Dean of Education till 2006 and was titled founding Dean of the Faculty of Health till 2017.


  • Honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Intermediate - Senior)
  • Additional Base Qualification (Junior)
  • Ontario an d Alberta Teaching Licences
  • Master of Arts, specialty Health and Sport Psychology
  • Doctorate, specialty Health and Sport Psychology

Academic Appointments

Elementary School Teacher - (1982-1985)

University of Alberta - Sessional Faculty Member (Spring-Summer; 1985-1990)

University of Alberta -Limited Term contract (1987-1988)

Laurentian University - Tenure - Track (1990 + )

On The Web


With an academic background in Health and Sport Psychology, the following directions have been examined in terms of research projects:
Health related:
* Biofeedback and relaxation training on Essential Hypertensive clients;
* Acute physical exercise training on anxiety levels in older adults.
Health and Performance enhancement :
*Mental training strategies for improving endurance and precision performances.
*Pedometer for improving levels of physical activity in grade 5 students.
*Cognitive thinking (associative vs. dissociative) strategies on distance performance;
Health effects of the outdoor environment:
* High risk outdoor pursuits; peoples' well-being and therapeutic adventure; Rafting as a Form of Stress Management; Nature Therapy (Outdoor Experiential Learning) on grades 7 and 8 boys with learning and behavioral difficulties.


  • Certificate of Bilingualism
  • Dean's Honour List