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Graduate Programs

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Faculty of Arts

Human Studies and Interdisciplinarity (PhD) Examine how humans adapt, learn and develop.
Psychologie (M.A.) Considérez les sciences du cerveau et du comportement.
Psychology (MA) Learn the science of the mind and behaviours.
Sciences humaines et interdisciplinarité (Ph.D.) French program Examine how humans adapt, learn and develop.

Faculty of Health

Human Kinetics (PhD) Training progressive thinkers and leaders to innovate and expand knowledge in Human Kinetics.
Indigenous Relations (MIR) Benefit from interactions with supportive and knowledgeable faculty.
Interdisciplinary Health (MA or M.Sc.) Gain knowledge from various health fields.
Master's in Human Kinetics (MHK) Keep-up with a health-conscious public.
Nurse Practitioner (M.Sc.N./G.Dip) Offer comfort and care in the health care system.
Nursing (MScN) Enhance knowledge, transform practice.
Rural and Northern Health (PhD) Research rural and northern health.
Social Work (MSW) Engage in personal and community change.
Orthophonie (M.Sc.S.) French program Bilingual SLP: Là tu parles!
Santé Interdisciplinaire Bilingual program Gain knowledge from various health fields.
Sciences infirmières (M.Sc.Inf.) French program Enhance knowledge, transform practice.
Service social (M.S.S.) French program Engage in personal and community change.

Faculty of Management

Business Administration (MBA) Prepare to lead in business.

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture

Architecture (M.Arch.) Laurentian's M.Arch. is unique in Canada.
Biology (M.Sc.) Examine the science of life.
Biomolecular Sciences (PhD) Create big changes while working at a small scale.
Boreal Ecology (PhD) Answer the global call for expertise.
Chemical Sciences (M.Sc.) Explore the common threads of chemistry.
Computational Sciences (M.Sc.) Study advanced applications of computer science.
Engineering Science (M.A.Sc., M.Eng., PhD) With the possibility of completing the Master of Engineering in only one year, you can bolster your career with a plan for advancement.
Geology (M.Sc.) Expand and specialize your geoscience skills.
Materials Science (PhD) Understand the properties of matter.
Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology (PhD) Push the boundaries of geoscience.
Science Communication (M.Sc.Com. or G.Dip.) Communicate the facts and engage the masses.