Discover your future by excavating the past.


Examine the big questions about our society, and history while gaining hands-on experience archaeological sites across Ontario.

Investigate questions like where did we come from, why did human ancestors start making and using tools, what was the impact of the domestication of plants and animals on human society and health?

Participate in local field work, including surveys to discover sites and excavations. Learn methods archaeologists use to reconstruct past human activities.

Gain skills that are transferable and in-demand for other disciplines. Many skills learned can be applied to fields such as earth science, environmental science, forensic science, geography, history, classics, indigenous studies, and anthropology.

Key Features

Take advantage of the field course to get hands-on experience with the practice of archaeology in Ontario.
Flexible program allows you to create your own career path through an arts-based program or a science-based program.
Apply your skills in other fields, such as surveying and mapping, excavation, and laboratory analysis, municipal planning and development of heritage resources.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can rest assured knowing there is a multitude of career options they can explore post-graduation. Some career options include, but are not limited to:

  • Archaeological field technician or field director
  • Lab technician
  • Report writer heritage management
  • Planning and conservation
  • Museum curator
  • Interpreter
  • Anthropological research assistant
  • Postgraduate degrees in archaeology and related disciplines
  • Forensic identification officers
  • Scenes of crime officers
  • Forensic Anthropologists

 Many of these careers can be found in the public and private sector.

Jake Cousineau, Archaeology Field School Experience

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