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From the big picture to the microscopic, set your sights on understanding the natural world around you.

Welcome to the program page for Biology! Here you can get general information on the Major in Biology as well as other Biology degrees.


Academic Advisor

Dr. Jeffrey Gagnon

Telephone: 705.675.1151 x 2357


Office: S-523A Admin Assistant: Marianne Bresolin, 705.675.1151 x 2285

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Delivery Method: On campus
Program Language: English

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Ontario High School Applicants

Program Prerequisites:

  • 1 grade 12 English U/M course; 1 grade 12 4U Advanced Functions; 1 grade 12 U Science course (Chemistry recommended); 1 additional grade 12 U/M Math or Science course; 2 other grade 12 U/M courses

  • A minimum overall average of 70% in the 6 best grade 12 U/M courses

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Additional information for applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate.


Applicants from outside an Ontario High School 

International Students

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Mature Students

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Note for Current Students

The degree options listed below are for the upcoming academic year, not the current academic year. If you are a current student looking for which courses to take in order to complete your degree options from a previous academic year's curriculum, please consult with an academic advisor.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biology

Students must follow these regulations in order to meet graduation requirements for the BA or B.Sc.


Students must select one of the following options:


Major in Biology

BIOL 1506E          Biology I

BIOL 1507E          Biology II

12 credits from the following:

     BIOL 2007E     Genetics

     BIOL 2026E     Introduction to Microbiology

     BIOL 2126E     Cell Biology

     BIOL 2356E     Principles of Ecology

     BIOL 2306E     Diversity of Plants or BIOL 2726E Diversity of Animals

15 BIOL credits at the third or fourth year level

9 additional BIOL credits

18 first year Science credits from the following:

     CHMI1006E     General Chemistry I*

     CHMI 1007E     General Chemistry II

     MATH 1036E     Calculus I**

     MATH 1037E     Calculus II or MATH 1057E Linear Algebra I

     PHYS 1006E     Introductory Physics I

     PHYS 1007E     Introductory Physics II

12 credits from Arts

48 elective credits#


* Students lacking grade 12 4U Chemistry must first take CHMI 1031.

**Students lacking grade 12 4U Advanced Functions or who have attained a grade of less than 60% must first take MATH 1912.

# Students must complete either a minor (24 credits) or a second major (42 credits) from the courses not used in the Biology major.

Note:    Students may not exceed 48 credits at the 1000 or 9100 level in their degree program.



Bachelor of Science (General) in Biology

Students must follow these regulations in order to meet graduation requirements for the BA or B.Sc.

Concentration in Biology

First Year

BIOL 1506E     Biology I

BIOL 1507E     Biology II

CHMI 1006E     General Chemistry I#

CHMI 1007E     General Chemistry II

MATH 1036E     Calculus I##

MATH 1037E     Calculus II   OR   MATH 1057E     Linear Algebra I

PHYS 1006E     Introducturoy Physics I

PHYS 1007E     Introductory Physics II 

6 credits in Arts


#   Students lacking grade 12 4U Chemistry must first take CHMI 1031.

## Students lacking grade 12 4U Advanced Functions or who have attained a grade of less than 60% must first take MATH 1912.


Second Year

BIOL 2007E     Genetics

BIOL 2026E     Introduction to Microbiology

BIOL 2126E     Cell Biology

BIOL 2356E     Principles of Ecology

CHMI 2227E     Biochemistry I

CHMI 2426E     Organic Chemistry I

STAT 2126E     Introduction to Statistics

     OR   STAT 2246E     Statistics for Scientists

3 credits from:

     BIOL 2306E     Diversity of Plants

     BIOL 2706E     Vertebrate Form and Function

     BIOL 2726E     Diversity of Animals       

     CHMI 2427E     Organic Chemistry II#

6 elective credits from the Arts


# Students wishing to take CHMI 3226 in third year must complete CHMI 2227 and CHMI 2427 in second year.


Third Year

24 credits from the following:*

     BIOL 2105E     Human Anatomy and Physiology

     BIOL 2306E     Diversity of Plants

     BIOL 2726E     Diversity of Animals

     BIOL 2757E     Biological Aspects of Human Sexuality

     BIOL 3006E     Evolutionary Biology

     BIOL 3026E     Applied and Environmental Microbiology

     BIOL 3056E     Mineral Exploitation and the Biosphere

     BIOL 3067E     Winter Ecology

     BIOL 3117E     Infectious Diseases

     BIOL 3306E     Vascular Plant Systematics

     BIOL 3316E     Plant Form and Function

     BIOL 3317E     Plant Ecophysiology

     BIOL 3327E     Experimental  Methods in Biology

     BIOL 3336E     Plant Ecology

     BIOL 3346E     Ethnobotany

     BIOL 3376E     Restoration Ecology I: Concepts and Principles

     BIOL 3386E     Mycology

     BIOL 3706E     General Entomology

     BIOL 3726E     Animal Histology

     BIOL 3746E     Animal Ecology

     BIOL 3756E     Vertebrate Physiology

     BIOL 3807E     Applied Entomology

     BIOL 3927E     Forest Entomology

     BIOL 3977E     Biodiversity and Conservation

     CHMI 3226E     Biochemistry II

6 elective credits


*  Students must include BIOL 2306E and BIOL 2726E if not taken in second year.

Note:   Students may substitute certain fourth year courses in consultation with their academic advisor.

Note:    Students may not exceed 48 credits at the 1000 or 9100 level in their degree program.


Minor in Biology

BIOL 1506E     Biology I

BIOL 1507E     Biology II

12 credits from the following:

     BIOL 2007E     Genetics

     BIOL 2026E     Introduction to Microbiology

     BIOL 2105E     Human Anatomy and Physiology

     BIOL 2126E     Cell Biology

     BIOL 2306E     Diversity of Plants

     BIOL 2356E     Principles of Ecology

     BIOL 2706E     Vertebrate Form and Function

     BIOL 2726E     Diversity of Animals

6 BIOL credits at the third or fourth year level

Note:    Students may not include BIOL 3067, BIOL 4016 or BIOL 4035 as part of the minor.


Certificate in Environmental Solutions

a. Required courses; 6 credits from:

BIOL 1000E     Canadian Environmental Biology

ENVI 1507E     Intro to Environmental Studies

ENSC 1406E     Earth's Environmental Systems

b. Elective courses; Environmental Themes; 24 credits from:

ARCH 2326E     Architecture and Ecology

ARCH 2306E     Design for Climate Change

BIOL 2356E     Principles of Ecology

BIOL 3746E     Animal Ecology

BIOL 3977E     Biodiversity & Conservation

BIOL 4777E     Wildlife Management

CHMI 2041E     Introductory environmental chemistry

CHMI 3006E     Green Chemistry

CHMI 4286E     Environmental biochemistry

CHMI 4197E     Environmental analytical chemistry

ENSC 4116E     Environmental remediation

ENGR 3437E     Water and Wastewater Treatment

ENGR 3466E     Environmental Impact of Process Industries

ENGR 3477E     Adsorption and Membrane Processes in Pollution Control

ENGR 4187E     Solid Waste Processing and Recycling in the Minerals Industry

ENGR 4426E     Air Pollution Control

GEOL 2046E     Natural Hazards and Disasters

GEOL 2066E     Near-Surface Geophysical Methods

GEOL 3397E     Introductory soil science

GEOL 4706E     Hydrogeology

ENGL 2666E     Literature and the Environment

ENGL 3536E     Environmental Communication

HIST3296E     The Canadian Environment

HIST 3946E     North America's Forests

HIST 4906E     Canada’s Forests

HIST 4916E     A History of Ontario’s Forests

SOCI 4176E     Environmental sociology

SOCI 2266E     Cultural Marginality and the Environment: Environmental Risk and Indigenous Populations

SOCI 4216E     Capitalism, Work and the Regulation of Environmental Risks

SOCI 4256E     Indigenous Peoples and the International Society

ECON 2057E     Environmental Economics and Policies

ECON 3056E     Economics of Natural Resources

JURI 2316E     Environmental Law

JURI 3316E     Environmental Law

PHED 4246E     Ecohealth Promotion

Field work related

BIOL4016E     Field camp

BIOL 4216E     Ontario Field Biology

NATS 3206E     Internship


BIOL-1000EL - Canadian Environmental Biology BIOL-1506EL - Biology I BIOL-1507EL - Biology II BIOL-1700EL - Structure and Function of the Human Body BIOL-2007EL - Genetics BIOL-2011EL - Fundamentals of Genetics BIOL-2026EL - Introduction to Microbiology BIOL-2105EL - Human Anatomy and Physiology BIOL-2110EL - Medical Microbiology BIOL-2126EL - Cell Biology BIOL-2306EL - Diversity of Plants BIOL-2356EL - Principles of Ecology BIOL-2701EL - Human Physiology BIOL-2706EL - Vertebrate Form and Function BIOL-2726EL - Diversity of Animals BIOL-2757EL - Biological Aspects of Human Sexuality BIOL-2036EL - Microbiology for the Health Sciences BIOL-3006EL - Evolutionary Biology BIOL-3026EL - Applied and Environmental Microbiology BIOL-3056EL - Mineral Exploitation and the Biosphere BIOL-3067EL - Winter Ecology BIOL-3306EL - Vascular Plant Systematics BIOL-3317EL - Plant Ecophysiology BIOL-3327EL - Experimental Methods in Biology BIOL-3336EL - Plant Ecology BIOL-3346EL - Ethnobotany BIOL-3376EL - Restoration Ecology I: Concepts and Principles BIOL-3386EL - Mycology BIOL-3397EL - Introductory Soil Science BIOL-3706EL - General Entomology BIOL-3726EL - Animal Histology BIOL-3746EL - Animal Ecology
BIOL-3756EL - Vertebrate Physiology BIOL-3807EL - Applied Entomology BIOL-3927EL - Forest Entomology BIOL-3977EL - Biodiversity and Conservation BIOL-3066EL - Indigenous Peoples: Ecology, Science and Technology BIOL-3117EL - Infectious Diseases BIOL-4006EL - Field Internship and Report BIOL-4016EL - Field Camp and Report BIOL-4017EL - Literature Review BIOL-4035EL - Research and Seminar BIOL-4056EL - General Limnology BIOL-4066EL - Quantitative Ecology BIOL-4076EL - Ecosystem Ecology BIOL-4216EL - Ontario Field Biology Camp BIOL-4219EL - Ontario Field Biology Camp BIOL-4316EL - Advanced Plant Ecophysiology BIOL-4336EL - Plant Geography BIOL-4346EL - Medical Mycology BIOL-4366EL - Soil Biology BIOL-4376EL - The Biology of Mosses, Liverworts and Lichens BIOL-4386EL - Wetland Ecology and Conservation BIOL-4396EL - Current Issues in Environmental Sustainability BIOL-4717EL - Animal Behaviour BIOL-4736EL - Developmental Biology BIOL-4747EL - Herpetology BIOL-4756EL - Freshwater Biology BIOL-4777EL - Wildlife Management: Objectives, Methods and Techniques BIOL-4797EL - Environmental Physiology BIOL-4807EL - Génétique avancée BIOL-4907EL - Fisheries Science for Stressed Ecosystems BIOL-4217EL - Ontario Field Biology Camp 2

List of Faculty Members

Sessional Faculty

Muhammed Alikhan

Garry Ferroni

Léo Leduc



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